Business owners have many challenges every day, from managing the day-to-day operations to finances and much more. Managing a businesses digital presence is something that business owners struggle with every day. Questions like, is my website good enough? Are my customers able to find me online? What can I do to get more customer? What is my competition doing?

The answer and solution for business owners is partnering with a company like Maintag Media. Established in 2014, Maintag Media is a Digital Marketing and Software Development Company.

Mobile App Development

Everyone, everywhere is using a mobile phone – gone are the days of flip phones – today’s smartphones can communicate quickly and efficiently and allow us to benefit in ways unimaginable a few years ago. With phones in hand, people search for products and services and make decisions quickly based on first impressions.

No matter what business you’re in, a mobile app is the best way to reach people – Mobile apps allow you to push information directly to people’s devices and engage with them on a personal level. A real estate company can display houses that are unique to their client base directly through the app, a medical professional can schedule appointments and provide wait times, images can be captures and sent to inventory tracking apps, the possibilities are endless. Creating a strong mobile presence is vital to every business.

Android Development

Google’s Android operation system is recognized as the most common platform in mobile phones today. Android has many features which make development easy. Publishing an app on Android is almost instant, there is no approval process and good quality apps get good exposure. Maintag Media offers Android app development.

iOS (Apple) Development

Apple’s iOS platform is the second most popular platform for mobile devices today. Apps built for the iOS platform can be easily rendered for iPhones and various iPads as well. Maintag Media offers iOS app development

Mobile Development

Our Mobile App Development services for businesses use rapid mobile development solutions which can quickly build Mobile Apps for iOS(Apple) and Android for business owners that want to obtain a better market share in this industry.

Most of the world uses mobile phones more than computers and without a proper mobile strategy businesses lose out on a large part of the market share. With Mobile Development we focus on iOS app development and Android app development which covers over 95% of the Mobile market today.

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Mobile app development
Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Software is essential for businesses and institutions around the world; from car rental agencies and airlines to accommodate customers to warehouses tracking inventory and shipping requirements to educational, religious and charitable organizations using software to manage their resources and projects software is a vital part of business.

There already exist hundreds of software option for every industry but despite this, companies still feel the need to develop a personalized software platform which meets their needs.

When building a custom software platform there are many factors to consider; businesses have a vision of what the end result should look like, however its the job of the software developers to ensure that the final product meets the clients vision.

Software Development Cycle

  1.  Obtain and Analyze Requirements: At this stage its important to understand not just the final requirements but also how the clients business works and how this software will help the client.
  2. Plan the software architecture: This is still the pre-development stage where vital things like where the software will reside, how many units talk to each other are all planned as well as the overall structure of the software to ensure sustainable usage, long term growth and future development
  3. Design and Develop the software : This is where the coding beings and the software starts to take shape.
  4. Integration and Testing of software: This is where the new software is tested and usually requires going back to the 3rd stage to fix bugs, additional features.
  5. Final Testing and deployment: At this stage, the software is live and in use.
  6. Support and future plans: An ongoing support structure is created to ensure that the day to day operations related to the software is uninterrupted and any future development is planned.

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Digital Marketing

With millions of apps readily available and competitors websites poised at the top of search engines, it is vital to use Digital Marketing to promote your digital offerings. Digital Marketing encompasses the promotion of any product or service in any electronic format on the internet. At Maintag Media, we love to create content around businesses and drive traffic to it.

Some of the areas where we focus on are:

Lead Generation: By focusing on your website and online presence we help target potential clients with strategic keyword placement, funnelling traffic and conversion to leads to help with your sales process. This may involve updating (or creating) your website, using paid advertising on search engines and social media sites along with search engine optimization all to drive traffic to specific pages. All activity can be measured through tools and analysed on an ongoing basis to track your return on investment.

Search Engine Optimzation: This is a must have service for any business with a website, it is important to have your product or service found when people search for it, to do this, we take our time in creating relevant content on your website to help improve its ranking as well as work offline to strengthen your websites links. A smart, well though out approach to search engine optimization gets good results for the long run.

Social Media Management: Social media traffic is vital for any brand and can lead to direct sales if done properly. We help create a steady stream of social media posts that will continuously feed and grow your audience.

We offer social media marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization, web design and targeted advertising to help businesses grow their market base and revenue stream.

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Digital Marketing


Mobile App Development

Custom Software

Digital Marekting

Promotion for Apps

Cross Platform Development

Video Marketing

Revenue Generation Apps

Scalable software

Social Media Management

At Maintag Media, our focus is our client. Whatever software/technology solution you require we are confident that we can help in getting it you.

Based in Toronto, Canada

Maintag Media Inc. is based out of the Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We live and work right here the Greater Toronto Area, a short flight to major US points. We are a reliable, approachable company – we work with you like we are a part of your company!

Honest & Straight forward Costs

Our fees and development costs are up front and honest! We don’t like to spring hidden costs on our clients and like to work with an straight forward fixed billing cycle.

Personalized Serivce

Think of us like your personal IT department. You’ll come across many small technical issues in your business, feel free to pick our brains on any related situations!

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